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#god is awesome

#god is awesome

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A very irate Iroh would like to have a serious word with Dante Basco and Bryke, it seems. 

Despite being promised yet denied the presence of this dashing general, LoK Book 3’s finale was epic beyond proportions. The emotional stake was that much higher than Book 2 and it was so wonderful to see how far all the characters had come. One of my favourite bits was Su and Lin’s sisterly moment before taking down P’li. And of course, Jinora getting her tattoos, Bolin lavabending and all the airbenders working together as one. 

In any case, I was disappointed Iroh was a no-show. However, it seems he’ll have at least a small role in Book 4, if not more, so this fangirl is content to wait. 

And even though I sketch this man far too much, it gave me some great anatomy and expression practice. So hooray for that. 

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Always reblog big kitties with their leetle kitties.

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What could possibly be going on in there??


What could possibly be going on in there??

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